About Us

Not Your Average Cleaners

My husband Marty and I started Extreme Pure Clean part-time, 5 years ago when we relocated to Huron County.  Since the demand has been so high in the Huron County community, we made the decision for me to do this as a full-time business and career, which has far exceeded our expectations. It has been an incredible experience.

I have taken the time to educate myself so I can educate my customers. We are certified through the Power Washers of North America (PWNA), in everything we do. Our work is 100% professional. We are certified in the following disciplines: Working at Heights, PWNA House Wash Certified, PWNA Wood Restoration Certified, PWNA Roof Wash Certified and fully INSURED and WSIB covered. These certifications are crucial through PWNA. Without them, I would have no right to be in this business. It would be like letting a mechanic work on your car that is not licensed. Being certified with PWNA ensures that we are trained to wash your most valued investment without injuring the structure, homeowner or ourselves.

We welcome you to send us a message and learn more about Extreme Pure Clean, how we can help you and all the incredible things we have happening in 2020.